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Selina Hospitality PLC (“Selina“; NASDAQ: SLNA), the fast-growing lifestyle and experiential hospitality company targeting millennial and Gen Z travelers and TechnoArt, the leading innovation platform for startups partnered to provide local startups with access to a global distribution network through the Selina hospitality activity around the world.

Through the strategic partnership, Selina and TechnoArt aim to set new standards for entrepreneurship and innovation with its target customers. 

The innovative platform is designed to empower entrepreneurs on their path to building a successful company by providing access to tailored innovation programs, premium services, business and investor relations across the Selina locations.

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The ideal environment to accelerate your growth
through shared resources, experiences and networking.

Born@Selina is a 3 week program designed to guide early stage entrepreneurs from idenation to raising capital.

This program provides graduating startups with the opportunity to scale their business by leveraging Selina’s global hotel network and marketing capabilities, allowing them to showcase and sell their products across Selina locations worldwide.

During the program, founders get to engage with TechnoArt and Selina’s management team and industry experts to evaluate and develop their product offering and prepare for their distribution strategy across the Selina network.

Curated On-Demand Curricular

In partnership with our mentor network, we offer a curated educational program. That guides you through product development, operations, marketing, and fundraising and more.

Professional Services

Tap into our marketplace of professional services complete with exclusive benefits and support to help you execute your vision. We’re talking web development, graphic design, branding, legal services, and more!


Benefit from financial and strategic guidance from our exclusive network of serial entrepreneurs. Whether it’s virtual one-on-one sessions, roundtable settings, or global webinars, our mentors will help you to reach your OKRs.

Wellness and Personal Development

Spend 3 weeks at the Selina hotels around the world. Emerge into the nomadic experience As you connect with your fellow alumni companies and form connections that will last you a lifetime.

Business Development and Networking

Receive support in building your company’s marketing strategy, forming relationships with relevant strategic partners, and reaching potential clients and investors within the TechnoArt @ Selina network.

Investor relations

Tap into a  global network of strategic partners, corporate ventures, VCs, and private investors. Our teams help our community members to pinpoint the right funding opportunity for their ventures.



Scale your company across 25 countries

Selina is a hub for innovation through common vision and synergy. 

Once our companies graduate the Born program, We work to implement, promote and market their products and services across the Selina network, acting as a design partner in their path to exploring new markets. 

We also promote Born companies products through our partnership network to  help align buyers with innovation as well as help our companies grow.


The Grown.Global platform serves as a centralized hub where the Selina community can access essential resources for growth and gain visibility through Selina’s extensive network.

Grown.Global, an innovative platform designed to empower remote workers, entrepreneurs, students, and the broader business community, Offers a comprehensive array of resources such as courses, services, products, and job boards, all aimed at fostering innovation and personal development globally.

Syndicating investments

We know that you’re just starting out, and you still need time to identify your company’s true value. For that purpose our program offers investment syndication. Our team connects you to strategic investors that help you grow your company while increasing its value through strategic partnerships.

TechnoArt LIVE events

TechnoArt LIVE brings together investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts to explore innovative ‘trends’ and investment opportunities. Building bridges and forming lasting connections among the ‘innovation ecosystem’.
TechnoArt LIVE Local presents TechnoArt graduating startups to the local community of investors as they embark into their global voyage across the Selinas around the world.

T Time

TechnoArt exclusive ‘offsite’ event, designed to bring TechnoArt alumni companies together. This unique gathering is an opportunity to connect with alumni companies, industry experts and TechnoArt management team as we build our yearly strategy toward success.